I capture poignant, exciting, and emotional moments in the music and sports industry through meaningful photos. Working with different individuals continuously fuels my inspiration and passion for photography.

"Never photograph something you're not interested in."

As it is commonly said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look for yourself and gain insight into my diverse body of work as a photographer. I specialize in sports photography, with a particular focus on wrestling, serving as the photo manager for the United World Wrestling Association.

Selected references 

United World Wrestling
Xavier Naidoo
BILD am Sonntag
Team Deutschland
Phantom Athlectics
Getty Images

Deutscher Ringer Bund
Imago Images
Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund 
Söhne Mannheims
Graf Hardenberg
St. Kilian Distillers

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Thank you to Think Thank Photo for providing the excellent equipment that is always available. Traveling around the world is not always easy, and during such times, having good equipment is a crucial component.


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